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The people at, IPVision's Free Patent Analytics website, are working on features that will allow Bloggers to make their own IPVision Patent Maps™ and Map Thumbnails to include in their Blogs.

In the interim we will gladly produce these Free for Bloggers upon request.  An example of an IPVision Patent Map™on a Blog page is shown on the right.  Here the Patently-O Blog discusses the Monsanto Roundup Ready Soybean Patent litigation and includes an IPVision Landscape Map™of Monsanto's US5,352,605 patent "Chimeric genes for transforming plant cells using viral promoters"

To request a Free IPVision Map Thumbnail and URL link to a Live IPVision Patent Map please Click Here.

We also invite you to include a search box like this on your blog:

To do so, copy the following code and paste in into your blog or website:

Click on the Patently-O Page Image to View
the use of an IPVision Map™ in a New Window
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