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US Patent 5,345,824 "Monolithic Accelerometer" by Sherman, Brokaw, Tsang and Core was filed on March 4, 1993and issued on September 13, 1994. At the time of its issuance it cited 83 other US patents as prior patent art as shown by the large "backward fan" on the following IPVision Landscape Map:

When we first saw this map we thought that the space was very crowded- i.e. that there was so much prior art that the claims of the patent might be very narrow.  However when we talked to the patent attorneys who prosecuted this patent we learned that they knew this was an important patent and that their strategy was to cite all possible prior art in order to obtain the presumption of validity over prior art.

After the patent issued it quickly became cited as prior art by other patents as shown in this sequence of IPVision Landscape Maps:

This is the Monolithic Accelerometer Landscape
as of January 2008

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