Maps: Tabs

At the top of each IPVision patent map there are tabs that control the view and settings of the map.

One tab is the Map View tab which contains the map. The other tab is the Map Settings tab which controls the display of the map.

Map View

The Map View tab displays the map.   Depending on the Zoom level selected there may be a Viewer-Navigation Window displayed in the upper left corner of the map.

  • Viewer-Navigation Window: Left Click, hold and then move your cursor to bring different parts of the map into the right hand side of the Map View tab.   If the Viewer-Navigation Window is not displayed, simply select a higher Zoom level from the Map Action Menu.

  • Map Action Menu: Use this menu work with items on the map.
Map Settings
The Map Settings tab provides you with access to settings that control the display of the map:

The top portion of the Map Settings tab contains the following major features:

  • Map Title: Change the title of the map here. Note: This will NOT change the name of the map file.
  • Selected Items Color: Use this setting to highlight patents that you have Selected in the Map View tab.

The bottom portion of the Map Settings tab controls what legends are displayed on the Map:

  • Show Statistics: Select one or more statistics categories. Each selected category will be displayed in a separate "statistics box" on the map.
  • Color Keyed: Only one of the selected statistics categories can be "Color Keyed". The Color Keyed category will appear as the top statistics box on the map and the top of the individual patent or application boxes will be color coded by this category.

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