IPVision Start Page
IPVision Start Page

After you login to the IPVision Advantage™ analytic platform you will be taken to this starting page.

The Task Menu on the left side of the screen contains various functions that are authorized by the user permission level you have been assigned.
The right side of the screen is the IPVision Search page, which is the same page which will display if you select "IPVision Search" under the "Search" heading on the left side Task Menu.

The IPVision Search Page opens by default to the "Structured Search" option.   An Easy Search option is provided to search for terms in the ANY of the Title, Abstract or Claims fields.   A "free form" search capability is accessed under the "Expert Search" tab.  NOTE: At your permission level only the first 1000 items will be retrieved under any of these search methods.

NOTE: At your permission level a maximum of 1000 items will be displayed.

Business User Subscription Level

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