Using an IPVision Patent Map

When an Interactive IPVision Map is displayed in your browser you can navigate around the map and access the underlying detail.

Navigating Around a Map

Viewer-Navigation Window. There is a small Viewer-Navigation Window at the upper left of the map. By moving the yellow box in the Viewer-Navigation Window you will move the portion of the main map that is visible. You can also increase or decrease the amount of the map that is visible by selecting "Zoom" from the menu bar.   See Map Settings for display settings and Map Action Menu for details on selecting patents/applications and creating lists.

Move Cursor Around to Magnify Patents

As you move your pointing device around an Interactive Map the patent boxes you move over will be magnified.

This IBM patent has two numbers in parentheses (5,100). The "5" means this patent cited 5 other patents as prior art. The "100" means that as of the date of the map there were 100 other patents that cited this patent as prior art.

Right Click on Patent Box to Access Patent Detail Menu

  • Patent Text access the full text record at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Patent PDF assembles a Adobe PDF file with the text and drawings of the patent.
  • Google Patent Detail accesses the Google patent detail for the patent or application (note: Google does not necessarily have data each patent or application.
  • Ownership History accesses the Assignment database record for the patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • USPTO History - Public PAIR: This menu item accesses the Public PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) information for the patent. NOTE: PAIR has a history of being slow and unstable. In addition the USPTO has suspended access from time to time.
  • Patent Maintenance Fees: This menu item accesses the Maintenance Fee record for the patent at the USPTO.
  • International Patent Family accesses the INPADOC patent family on the European Patent Office/ESPACE system.
  • US Patent Detail accesses IPVision's data for the patent.

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