IPVision Patent Maps

An IPVision Patent Map takes highly detailed, granular data and displays the relationships among that data in an intuitive visual manner. For Patent Data Sources, IPVision Maps can be constructed to show the citation references among patents or inventor relationships.

IPVision Patent Map Layout
There is a basic layout to IPVision Patent Maps regardless of the type of map.  The horizontal axis is time, with "today" at the right side. Each box on the map represents a patent property (patent, patent application etc). The boxes are oriented in time - e.g., in the case of a patent the left edge of the box is aligned with the patent issue date. The tails to the left of the boxes show the patent filing date. The lines between boxes are the patent prior art citation references- i.e., a later patent (to the right) citing an earlier patent (to the left) as prior art.    "Right click" on a patent box to see underlying detail - See, Using Patent Maps.

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